Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lazy River Scarf

We've moved! I've left Blogger and switched to WordPress. You can now find the free Lazy River Scarf pattern right here.

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Shelly Thacker (aka ShellyMN on Ravelry)


  1. Hi there! I totally love this scarf and I had a beautiful single skein of yarn, so I made it last week! I did change one thing about it, as I added 5 rows of seed stitch in addition to the ribbing. So I did garter stitch, ribbing, garter stitch, seed stitch, garter stitch...and so on. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this one! Meg

  2. I have a question, as I am new to knitting. You suggest an odd number of CO stitches, but when you K1P1, that will always add up to an even number. What stitch do you use for that last one?

    1. i'm no expert, quite a novice, really. My suggesstion (if it even matters any more) is that it doesn't really matter. it would end in k1, and since you are using the same number of stitches in each row it will look uniform.

  3. thanks for this pattern! since it is getting colder here i am looking to knit this up for my little girl. it's simple enough for a quick and easy knit, but still fancy enough to make it a great gift. kudos to you!

  4. If you use an even number of stitches, then the ribbing should be:
    RS:* k1 p1*
    WS:* p1 k1*